TikTok bed prank on wife goes viral: Hilarious or terrifying?

Georgina Smith
Girl in bed with creepy doll
TikTok: chrisandchenoa

A prank by TikTokers Chris and Chenoa where he puts a freaky doll next to his wife in bed to see her reaction is going viral on TikTok, but some are convinced that the popular video was staged.

One type of content that has been popular on just about every video-sharing platform over the years, is prank videos.

Whether it’s a harmless jumpscare or an elaborate joke involving lots of people and expensive effects, viewers always enjoy watching people get pranked by their friends and family.

The latest prank to do the rounds on TikTok has viewers divided though, as they can’t decide whether being on the receiving end of this joke would eventually be hilarious or just straight-up terrifying.

TikTok logo on a phone
TikTok: Olivier Bergeron
TikTok hosts all kinds of viral video content.

In the video posted by husband and wife duo Chris and Chenoa, Chris put a creepy silicone head in the bed next to his apparently sleeping partner.

He woke her up by tapping her hand with a long stick, and when Chenoa opened her eyes, she found herself face to face with the disturbing mask.

Naturally, she immediately started screaming, flinging the covers off as Chris laughed in the background.

The couple have 1.4 million followers on TikTok, and regularly post prank content that sees them trying to outsmart the other with jokes hidden in household objects.

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However, some people are convinced the pranks are fake, with one comment saying “is anything on this app not staged?” getting over 6000 likes. TikTok comment detectives also highlighted the lack of continuity between shots, with Chenoa’s hand in different positions.

Others loved the video, however, calling it “brilliant” and “wicked.”

The creepy doll prank garnered Chris and Chenoa a whopping 30 million views and one million likes, making it a hugely successful video for the husband and wife team, and although not everyone was convinced that it was actually real, it may have given some an idea of pranks they want to pull on their own family members.