TikTok artists Nic D and Loveless drop “Supernova” song collab

TikTok Nic D Loveless release Supernova collab songTikTok: Loveless/YouTube: NicD

TikTok independent artists Nic D and Loveless have released their first-ever song collab, Supernova, and fans are absolutely loving it.

Among the billions of creators on TikTok, there is quite a large community of musicians using the app to share their art.

It’s been rather helpful for many, as well, as musicians like Lil Nas X, Gayle, Olivia Rodrigo, and more have built chart-topping careers after making their start on the app.

Independent artists Nic D and Loveless are making their way to the top as well with songs like “Fine Apple” from Nic D and “Worst Case Scenario” from Loveless both going viral at some point.

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They’ve gotten the attention of many yet again after launching their first collab song ‘Supernova.’

Nic D and Loveless release “Supernova” collab song

Released right at midnight on October 21, Nic D and Loveless presented fans with their song ‘Supernova.’

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, Nic D uploaded a simple video onto YouTube for those without access to streaming services.

Being rather popular TikTokers, they of course promoted their new release on there as well.

In the video, Julian from Loveless is attempting to film a different video when Nic D walks in and asks if he wants to go get something to eat.

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After Julien mentioned that he was in the middle of something, Nic asked: “If I help you, will it go faster?”

Fans quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on the release.

“Such a huge fan of you both, this is amazing!! Congrats on another hit,” one user replied.

Another said: “Nah this crossover is crazy.”

“I JUST LISTENED TO THE SONG…OMG, IT’S flippity GOOD,” another commented.