Thomas Petrou calls out Roselie for ‘lying’ about Hype House break-ins

Alan Bernal

Hype House manager Thomas Petrou wasn’t convinced of TikTok and Instagram rising talent Roselie Arritola’s response denying a second break-in to the LA mansion.

Arritola, a 14-year-old influencer, had previously received backlash for TikTok videos that showed her in and around the Hype House without the permission of the residents. The renewed criticism toward her stems from clips recently posted that showed her there again.

According to the young content creator, her mother had published those videos without her knowledge, but reassured audiences that she was “especially not at the Hype House for a second time” after what happened before.

After Arritola posted the since-deleted Tik Tok at the Hype House, Petrou asked her to “please stop breaking into [their] home” in the video’s comments.

“My mother had posted three videos, I believe, without letting me know,” she said. “And they were videos we had filmed when we were there, but no, we were not at the Hype House for the second time.”

He expressed doubt after Arritola posted her response to speculation. This caused waves of comments from general audiences expressing similar sentiments, as well as a brief chime-in from Dixie D’amelio on the situation.

As the drama developed, Petrou responded to Arritola’s account of the situation, saying: “Whoa whoa I’m so sorry. You only broke into a house once! So sorry, that makes it better. Your mom should take your phone.”

His response once again set people off, which prompted a follow-up explanation from Arritola after the exchange resulted in cyberbullying.

“It’s beyond why Thomas felt the need to tell everyone that I’m lying about not being at the original [Hype] House for a second time because I’m really not,” Arritola said. “One: I’m in Florida so I don’t really know how I would be at your original house. And two: I do have receipts that I can show you in that outfit from the only time I was there.”

She asked the Hype House manager to refrain from accusations without any proof as it’s causing her mental hardships from the online backlash.

This comes just days after Petrou begged fans to stop showing up at the house, as it was starting to become a problem for residents of the local neighborhood.