Gypsy Rose slams TikToker for posting ‘indecent’ videos of her old house

Molly Byrne
gypsy rose comments back at online hater

Gypsy Rose fired back at a TikToker who went viral for posting the house where her mom, Dee Dee Blanchard, was murdered in 2015.

On July 7, TikToker ‘lanaivv’ posted a clip of herself driving by Gypsy Rose’s old house in Springfield, Missouri.

The house is known for being the crime scene of the 2015 murder of Gypsy Rose’s mom, Dee Dee Blanchard.

While Gypsy Rose has since moved out of the home, people lived there at the time of the viral recording. They even had “no trespassing” signs littered across their lawn.

Though Gypsy Rose served seven years for the second-degree murder of her mom, she fired back at the TikToker for disrespectfully exposing a time in her life that she’d rather not look back on.

“Y’all have no respect or decency. A tragedy happened in that house yet y’all visit it as if it was the Grand Canyon,” she wrote in the comments.

Gypsy Rose’s comment received over 2K replies before it was deleted.

However, TikToker NoahGlennCarter covered the story where, viewers shared their stance on her old house going viral.

“No, because people shouldn’t be acting like that house is a tourist attraction. Not only did Gypsy commit a crime there, but that’s where she was abused her whole life,” wrote one.

“Don’t you guys even know wtf she went through in that damn house? You guys got no respect,” added another.

While Gypsy Rose has only been out of prison since December 2023, she’s kept her personal business trending.

After being released early, she and her ex-husband Ryan Anderson divorced just three months later. She has since been seen with her ex-fiancé, Ken Urker.

She even called out another TikToker online for flirting with Ken and being “panini-pressed” about not having a man like him.

Though she continues to be in the public eye, Gypsy Rose has tried to set the record straight about fan questions and concerns via TikTok – however, she has not yet addressed people visiting the murder scene of her mother with a video on her profile.