This Keanu Reeves deepfake is taking over TikTok

Virginia Glaze
Keanu Reeves deepfake is taking over tiktok

A parody account pretending to be Keanu Reeves is racking up millions of views on TikTok as users are convinced the viral deepfake is actually the famous ‘Matrix’ actor.

TikTok is rife with celebrity doppelgangers. Just take the famous Scarlett Johannson and Margot Robbie lookalikes that went viral for their uncanny resemblance to the Marvel and DC actresses.

However, some TikTokers are using deepfake software to imitate famous actors… and they’re racking up millions of followers.

Deepfake software refers to programs that can successfully overlay an image of someone else’s face onto another person’s body, some of which are so convincing it’s downright disturbing.

A TikToker has been uploading videos apparently using deepfake programs to put Reeves’ face over his own — and he’s rolling in the algorithm as viewers can’t help but laugh at a fake Keanu doing ridiculous things (or are actually convinced it’s him).

User ‘unreal_keanu‘ boasts over 6.5 million followers on TikTok, and it’s all because he’s using deepfake software to appear as Keanu Reeves while doing all manner of activities.

In some, he’s doing popular dances; in others, he’s recreating viral TikTok trends. Earlier videos look a bit stiffer compared to his most recent content, but that isn’t stopping some viewers from being convinced this is actually Keanu’s secret burner account that he uses to let off some steam.

“I’m still not convinced this isn’t Keanu,” one viewer commented.

“This dude looks more like Keanu than Keanu does now,” another joked.

“I fully followed this dude thinking it was the real Keanu,” yet another admitted.

Is Keanu Reeves on TikTok?

Unfortunately, this is not the case as Keanu doesn’t have a TikTok profile (although he reportedly made an account back in 2020) – but there are a slew of other top celebrities on the platform, including (but not limited to) Jason Derulo, Will Smith, Billie Eilish, and more.

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