TikTok crushes over man’s viral Rubik’s Cube dance

Viral Rubik's Cube manTikTok: @quinickle

A man who went viral with his Rubik’s Cube video has the entire internet crushing over him as many viewers are obsessed.

In a TikTok video that accumulated over 8 million views, a man uploaded a seemingly random segment of him jamming to Jack Harlow’s ‘Vanilla Baby’, while solving a Rubik’s Cube. 

The user, who goes by the name of Quinickle, is known for uploading dance and fashion videos. 

In another video that gained a lot of views on his channel, he recreates the “What would I wear if I was in (insert movie/TV show trend?)” He then dons attire befitting Indiana Jones, Fleabag, and Bridgerton. 

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However, it’s his Rubik’s Cube video that really catapulted him into TikTok stardom. 

TikTok crushing over viral “vanilla baby” rubik’s cube dance 

The video garnered a lot of attention on the short-form video platform, with many users crushing over the poster. 

Some even went so far as to credit Quinickle with the song’s popularity, saying: “At this point you need to be in the music video. You’re literally the face of this song.”

Most however, were just enthralled by the man’s looks, proclaiming that they would happily leave their husband for them: “I’m getting married in December but it ain’t that serious.”

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Another said: “Not my husband asking what song I have on repeat. Not your concern Sir, not your concern.”

The number of views attributed to the video might have been the work of users watching the reel multiple times. One asked: “How is this video two hours long?” Another questioned: “How many of us are just watching this on repeat?”

Among the bevy of comments, one proclaimed: “Is no one else impressed that he finished that damn Rubik’s Cube in like 5 seconds?”

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Another man went viral on the platform in November, after showing fans how to get the coveted long hair filter on TikTok. 

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