TheStradman explains why he was reluctant to reveal his girlfriend

YouTube: TheStradman

Popular YouTuber TheStradman has finally introduced his girlfriend to his 2.4 million subscribers – explaining how the pair met, and why he was also reluctant to reveal her right away. 

Plenty of YouTubers are willing to dive right in and reveal everything about themselves – be it their real name, family life, and romantic relationships – among other details. Though, many others are more reserved and will hold back information for quite some time.

Though TheStradman usually goes all out, showing off new cars as soon as he picks them up, plans for his next purchases, and much more, he has made videos with his girlfriend but never formally revealed her. Well, that is until now, where he’s explained why he was reluctant to let his viewers meet Tessa. 

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Instagram: thestradman
TheStradman already has a collection of cars that would make even the most avid collectors drool.

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During his April 23 upload, the Utah native noted that his girlfriend has lingered in the background of around 15-20 videos – even helping him buy his Ford GT when he traveled all the way to Hawaii for it.

“We’ve been dating for a while, I didn’t just want to put her on YouTube, put her on Instagram immediately because my relationship with her is so important and there is so much pressure that comes with social media – especially as a female,” the YouTuber said, before bringing Tessa into the video.

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Despite this being her formal introduction to the channel, TheStradman didn’t dive into any big details about the pair’s relationship – but he did reveal that he had some help from a fan to kick things off.

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The YouTuber explained that he’d DM’d Tessa on Instagram at the start of things but she didn’t respond – with her claiming she never saw it. A fan of his, though, dove in themselves and asked her about being followed by TheStradman – and the pair connected after that. 

With Tessa now being introduced, fans of the YouTuber will probably get to see a lot more of her moving forward – there should be no more hiding out of view.