Streamer Awards struck by “disheartening” cancellations from nominees and creators

QtCinderella streaming on TwitchTwitch: QTCinderella

Popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella has been planning ways to make this year’s Streamer Awards bigger than last year’s, but the award show has run into some problems “disheartening” problems, according to the host herself.

In 2022, QTCinderella organized the Streamer Awards, an award show made to celebrate the burgeoning industry of livestreamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

She has been planning yet another Streamer Awards show for 2023, and she spoke on the importance of getting people in the scene together in an interview with Dexerto: “It’s way more than just an award show. It’s the collaborations that it sparks, it’s the relationships that it sparks. It’s squashing the beef.” She thinks that having streamers be isolated can lead to “toxicity” in the scene.

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Unfortunately, QTCinderella has revealed that many of those who were invited to the awards show and had set up travel arrangements have since canceled, including attendees, content creators, and even nominees.

QTCinderella reveals several Streamer Awards cancellations

Despite some criticism from other content creators directed toward last year’s streamer awards, QTCinderella decided to put together a show for this year. She’s already invested triple what she spent last year and seems to be dedicated to putting on a good show.

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However, QT has revealed that she’s had several streamers and nominees at the awards cancel on her the day before the show. She didn’t name any names or out anyone who decided not to show up, but she’s feeling “disheartened” by just how many people have canceled on her.

It’s impossible to say how many people decided not to attend at this point, but this has the potential to affect the show in multiple ways. QTCinderella revealed that she’s got a new category, the Streamer’s Streamer Award, that gets voted on by streamers in the audience.

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Voting for that could be drastically affected by the cancellations, not to mention the fact that it’s possible that a streamer who wins an award may not be there to accept it.