The Instagram egg is now trying to break Twitter retweet record

Calum Patterson

The now famous Instagram egg, which stole the title for most liked photo on the website from Kylie Jenner, is now taking its challenge to Twitter.

On January 4, the @world_record_egg account opened on Instagram, and posted a single stock image of an egg, with the caption “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram.”

The world record at the time was held by Kylie Jenner and a picture of her newborn baby, with over 18 million likes. Somehow, the egg went viral, and now has over 45 million likes.

On January 13, another account popped up named ‘World Record Egg’, using the same stock egg image and setting out a similar goal, but this time on Twitter, not Instagram.

This Twitter account is not affiliated with the original Instagram account, as stated in its bio, but nonetheless is well on its way to breaking the retweet record.

Currently, that record is held by Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa, with 5.3 million retweets, but at the time of writing, the egg is approaching 1 million after only a few days.

Retweets can be a lot harder to accrue than likes on Instagram however, as is shown in the disparity of the two social networks. Instagram is estimated to have around 1 billion monthly active users, compared to Twitter’s 326 million

Users are also less likely to retweet than like, because retweets show up more obviously on their personal profiles.

There’s no end date on this challenge however, so there is plenty of time for the Twitter egg to reach its target. Perhaps with the help of a few celebrity retweets, it can get there.

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