The 99c Store give away $1 turkeys for Thanksgiving 2023

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The 99c Store are giving away turkeys for only $1 this Thanksgiving season. 

The 99c Store are renowned for their bargains. Offering customers deals on some of the biggest brands in the industry, as well as stocking plenty of fresh produce, and home goods. 

With the exponential food price increases in 2023, customers are clamoring to find bargains for their Thanksgiving meals. 

Several stores, including, Target, and Aldi have reduced their prices this year, so fans can pick up a whole Thanksgiving dinner for only $25. 

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But perhaps one of the best deals we’ve heard about so far comes from The 99c Store, as they’ve announced that they’ll be giving away turkeys for only 99c this season. 

How to get a $1 turkey from The 99c Store

How can customers pick up a $1 turkey this Thanksgiving season? 

The store have announced that they’ll be offering 18,000 turkey’s to purchase for a mere $1, in almost every single store across California and the Southwestern United States. 

This offer will be available on November 15, 2023 for the first 50 customers per store. In addition to this, The 99c Store will also be selling brand named groceries for only $1, to help out this Thanksgiving season. 

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This means that customers will be able to create a full Thanksgiving meal for under $10. 

Please note that this deal is available to US audiences only. Customers can also pick up some great bargains for their Thanksgiving dinner year from some of the biggest food brands, including Target and Foodtown, helping to save money this holiday season.

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