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IRL streamer’s van window explodes while driving on interstate highway

Published: 21/Jan/2020 21:23

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL streamer “Burger Planet” had quite a scare while he was driving on the highway.

The internet personality, who frequently broadcasts his road trips and other events in his life, was chatting with his stream when suddenly, out of nowhere, his back window exploded.

“I can’t wait until I have a better body,” he said to his chat after passing a sign for Twin Peaks Road and Exit 244 in Arizona. Just then, before he could even finish his sentence, the sound of glass shattering rang out.

(Timestamp 2:38:45 for mobile viewers)

“Ahh!” Burger Planet cried out while still continuing to drive ahead. “What the f**k?”


The IRL streamer then adjusted his camera to show his viewers that his entire back window had suddenly vanished.

“For some reason my window just busted open!” he exclaimed. “Did somebody throw something through my window? I don’t know if something hit my window, but my window just busted open. Godd***it. F**k. My window just f**king shattered back there.”

Burger Planet cleans up broken glass in his van
YouTube/Burger Planet
Burger Planet had to clean up all the glass in the back of his van.

To his credit, the streamer managed to keep himself together and drive safely, despite a crazy series of events that could have caused him to lose control on the road.

“I got to get a new window somehow,” he murmured. “That scared the f**k out of me. And there’s glass everywhere. Jesus.”


Unfortunately, as Burger Planet pointed out, he now had no security in the back of his car. Eventually, he pulled into a gas station to clean up the broken glass in the van, and then headed to a junkyard to find a replacement.

IRL streamer Burger Planet at a junk yard
YouTube/Burger Planet
Burger Planet had to go to a junkyard to get a replacement window.

It certainly became a very stressful situation for the streamer, but he found a way to handle it promptly before continuing on his trip.

Hopefully, the new window can last him a long time and doesn’t explode into a million pieces like the other one.