Tfue finally unboxes his custom $3500 keyboard on stream

Twitch: Tfue/Unsplash

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney finally got his hands on the $3,500 custom Fortnite-themed keyboard that TaehaTypes curated for him and it already looks to be paying dividends in-game.  

Back on January 18, Twitch viewers who stumbled across TaehaTypes’ channel got a glimpse at a project he had been working on for Tfue. Priced at $3500 for parts, coloring, and other manufacturing costs, the Fortnite-themed keyboard came decked out with brand-new keys and a size to fit Tfue’s specifications.

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Of course, dropping a pretty penny on a brand-new keyboard shouldn’t really give you a competitive advantage over players – well, unless you’re using cheats that is. Yet, when Tfue finally got to show it off to fans who may have already seen it, well, he quickly did what he does best inside Fortnite.

Twitter: FaZe Clan
Tfue is Twitch’s most-followed streamer following the departure of Ninja to Mixer.

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During his January 27 stream, the popular streamer and Fortnite professional teased fans with a reveal of the keyboard as he finally looked set to use it on stream.

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After a few teases, including showing off the bag it came in, he finally unboxed it – seemingly surprised by how good it looked. “Dude, this thing looks nuts,” he told his viewers. “Oh my god, look at it, it is so clean you can read chat through it – that’s how clean it is.”

Though, Tenney even joked about having another use for the shiny part on the bottom part of the keyboard – saying he was going to use it while it was sparkly clean. 

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After showing it off and giving fans an up-close look at the new purchase, Tenney finally got it plugged in and set-up – ready to dominate the world of Fortnite.

As you may expect, it didn’t take him all that long to do so either. The Fortnite star jumped right into a build battle with another player and used all of his skills and tricks to out manoeuver them – earning himself the first kill with the new keyboard. 

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Now, while he’ll be looking to ride the extravagant purchase all the way to the top of the Fortnite mountain, Tfue will still need some good luck and all of his talent to do so. 

Yet, wherever he ends up when it comes to tournaments and LAN events, he probably has the most expensive and, perhaps, keyboard out of all the pros.

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