Tfue explains why he can’t forgive Cloak after sponsored stream beef

Connor Bennett

Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has finally responded to Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Thomas ‘72hrs’ Mulligan’s comments over him losing the opportunity to run a sponsored stream.

When it comes to competitive Fortnite, there’s perhaps no bigger or recognizable duo than Tfue and Cloakzy. The pair competed under the FaZe Clan banner for over a year, racking up thousands of dollars in prize winnings and grabbing a tournament victory at TwitchCon 2018.

However, their relationship has seemingly hit a rough patch after Tfue claimed that Cloak and 72hrs cost him $140,000 for skipping out on Fortnite trios action and holding sponsored streams for Madden 20 – something he had also been offered to do, but turned down in order to play the battle royale event. After the pair aired their thoughts, with Cloak calling him an “idiot” and a “dumbass”, Tfue has finally fired back.

Instagram / TfueTfue and Cloak are one of the most popular duos in Fortnite.

During his September 8 stream, the Fortnite star had been playing matches of the battle royale game by his lonesome, when members of his chat asked if he was ever going to “forgive” his longtime duo partner. 

Tfue responded: “Forgive Dennis? Dude, I mean how could I forgive him bro, they haven’t even fucking apologized. Like what, they just told me I’m a fucking idiot.” He continued on, still confused by the question. “Like what? Well, you know who your real friends are – I guess.”

The trio have not played together since their apparent falling out, with Tfue even going as far as using Twitter to search for new partners for any upcoming Trios action. 

“Looking for New Permanent Trio who take Competitive Seriously,” he tweeted on September 7, following the start of the drama.

It remains to be seen if they can all patch things up and get back on track to dominating in the battle royale title, but it appears as if for now – at least – they’ll be going their separate ways.

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