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Taylor Swift fans are decoding her mysterious Vault video ahead of ‘Red’ re-release

Published: 5/Aug/2021 19:53

by Alan Bernal


Taylor Swift has kicked off a mystery for her fans worldwide to decode after her Vault video on Instagram revealed plenty of clues to make sense of. This comes ahead of her anticipated ‘Red’ re-release so fans are committed to deciphering the puzzle before that.

Fans all over are anticipating the Taylor-version of Red that will include “all 30 songs that were meant to go on” the album. But before we get there, the pop star is having fun alongside her supporters with a follow-up Vault video that gives us a hidden word search.

Back in April we had a gold Vault and now the queen’s followed it up with a Red vault with massive jumbles of letters which (SPOILERS) is meant to give people a sneak peek at the tracklisting for her upcoming album.


Read ahead if you want to solve Taylor Swift’s Instagram vault video or if you want to skip ahead and see how “I unlocked the vault” for ‘Red Taylor’s Version.”

Taylor’s word search decoded and solved

If you open up her Instagram post with the red vault, you’ll be greeted with 13 lines of letters that don’t seem to be in any particular order.

That is until you stack them up on each other to reveal a 13×13 grid that serves as a word search to unscramble.

@dannyhigThis is a full time job ##taylorswift ##swifttok ##swiftie ##red ##taylorsversion ##taylornation @taylornation♬ original sound – dannyhig

Here you’ll find all sorts of words that should sound familiar and names of artists that are going to feature in the complete version of Red.


Once you have all the words circled, head over to Taylor’s Spotify where you should find another scrambled set of words that creates a helpful link.

Taylor Swift’s Red Vault solved

Once you get to the Vault, you’ll see a tracklist with nothing but blanks and that’s where you’ll make use of the clues found in the word search.

Here’s where you’ll plug away to find out what Taylor has cooking for her next album. If you want to see the completed setlist, you can see the image below.

The (almost) completed track list for Taylor Swift’s Red Vault teaser.

Once you fill in all the spaces, you should be left with a congratulatory template where you can upload your image and post on Instagram with the #IUnlockedTheVault.


There’s not much time left before Taylor releases her revamped Red album that’s set to release on November 19.