Red Dead Online player goes viral on TikTok hunting down racist players

Lawrence Scotti
Rockstar Games

TikTok user Umbrellaboy has a series of videos where he hunts down racist players in Red Dead Online, killing them in weird ways.

Red Dead Online’s customization depth allows players to express themselves in a myriad of ways. There has been a slow drip of cosmetic drops throughout the life cycle of the game’s online mode, adding different outfits and face coverings so players can create some awesome looks for their characters.

Sadly, some have taken the customization opportunity to make their characters look like clansmen. Luckily, that’s where Umbrellaboy comes in.

Rockstar Studios
Red Dead Online features tons of ways to edit your character to your liking.

Removing the racists

Damian, who goes by Umbrellaboy, has a TikTok series where he hunts down players dressed as clansmen. In some of the videos, he blows up a whole bunch of clansmen during a secret meeting in a cave. In others, it’s a rescue mission at the train tracks.

Each of the entries in the series features the same song, the catchy tune that is Union Dixie Remix. The song pairs perfectly with each of the videos as each time Damian is hunting down clansmen in Red Dead Online provides a new adventure.

The series is now at over 15 entries and has earned Damian over 120k followers on Tiktok, and over 3 million likes in the process. Damian’s page features other Red Dead Online content, but his hunting racists series is certainly his most popular.

Possibly the best Umbrellaboy Tiktok is the one below where he crashes a meeting in a cave, blowing them up by shooting a barrel next to them out of sight, then beating up the remaining racists.

Chances are if you are wearing all white in Red Dead Online, Umbrellaboy is already on the hunt for you as we speak.