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Tana Mongeau reveals what made her ‘miserable’ about Jake Paul marriage

Published: 3/Mar/2020 21:45

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Tana Mongeau has released her second reality TV series with MTV, where she opened up about her marriage to fellow content creator Jake Paul — and their love life wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

The two social media celebs began dating in summer 2019, after rumors surfaced claiming that they had been keeping their relationship under wraps from fans and critics.

They tied the knot soon afterwards, leading many to believe their fast-paced marriage was merely a stunt for views — but despite their arguments to the contrary, the YouTubers parted ways in January 2020 after life took them in different directions.


Tana Mongeau, Instagram
YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau began their fast-paced relationship in summer 2019, after fans speculated they had begun a secret romance.

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Now, Mongeau’s 2020 MTV series is taking a deep dive into the buildup of their split, revealing that Tana was unhappy with the limited amount of time she got to spend with her husband due to their hectic schedules.

“Jake and I finally get the time to sit down and talk, and of course, the door is open, there’s a a million people coming in and out of the room,” she explained during filming for their as-yet-unreleased show, ‘Bustedness.’

“…the only thing we really get to talk about is business that day. …All I want is like ten minutes of alone time, and I don’t even get that some days.”


Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Tana Mongeau admitted that her relationship with Paul was strained due to conflicts with business, such as their unreleased show ‘Bustedness.’

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That’s not all: Mongeau also revealed that, despite the excitement surrounding their joint production, she was actually “miserable” from combining business with her love life.

“It definitely puts a lot of strain on a relationship to have to make a thousand business decisions together, every single day,” she continued. “I know this is definitely not what normal, newly married couples are having to debate over 24-7.”

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The YouTuber also opened up about her feelings on the subject during a video uploaded in December 2019, where she expressed unhappiness about how their relationship was constantly portrayed in the media.


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Now, both stars have gone their separate ways, still remaining close friends as Jake sparks a new love interest in Julia Rose while Mongeau recently headlined at VidCon London.