Sideman fans upset as Tana Mongeau takes over latest 20vs1 episode

Jacob Hale
Sidemen and Tana Mongeau 20 vs 1

Sidemen fans are letting their feelings be known on social media and in the YouTube comments, upset at the YouTube group bringing Tana Mongeau in for one of their viral 20vs1 Sidemen Sunday videos.

Each Sunday, the Sidemen post new videos that are often part of one of their popular series’, such as Tinder in real life, or in this instance, 20 vs 1.

They rack up millions of views and, for the most part, viewers look forward to tuning in each Sunday — but many were disappointed to see that they brought in US influencer Tana Mongeau for their episode on July 30.

Despite many positive comments on the video about how well Tana did getting into the task and capturing the right vibe of the 20 vs 1 videos, there were a number of viewers who simply didn’t want to see it.

Sidemen fans upset with Tana Mongeau

This was amplified in a Reddit post on the r/KSI subreddit, titled “this may be the most disliked Sidemen video ever.”

It featured a number of screenshots of angry fans, annoyed about Tana’s appearance on the channel, calling it “the downfall of the channel” and that it was “literally the definition of a bad video.”

Of course, it wasn’t all bad, despite that Reddit post receiving mass upvotes and some bad sentiment being shared online.

Although YouTube dislikes are no longer visible, estimates put dislikes at 37,000 vs 193,000 likes.

Others in the YouTube comments felt better about the video. “Tana just knows what good content is, she did not understand most of the instructions yet she killed it,” said one user.

Another added: “This was honestly a lot better than I thought I was gonna be,” while one simply stated that “she delivered.”

Tana is always a divisive figure, and the mixed responses were to be expected given her standing on the internet, though she hasn’t commented publicly on some of the backlash she faced.

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