Tana Mongeau hits back at Teala Dunn over Bella Thorne kissing “joke”

Alice Hearing
Tana Mongeau, Teala Dunn, Bella Thorne TikTok

Tana Mongeau has responded to a video of her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne who was filmed kissing another influencer in a TikTok that’s had millions of views.

Bella Thorne was at Clubhouse BH this week, the creator collective founded by Daisy Keech. The “Shake it Up” actress collaborated with influencer Teala Dunn in TikTok videos.

But in one video she was seen kissing her directly on the lips. The clip has already racked up more than 8 million views and 1.5 million likes.

It’s unsurprising that the pair are hanging out, as Teala and Bella have known each other for several years after both appearing on Shake It Up together. Bella makes regular appearances in influencers’ social media posts and even music videos.

Teala Dunn & Bella Thorne Shake It Up
Bella Thorne and Teala Dunn both starred in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up

Teala recently joined Clubhouse BH and has come under fire in recent weeks for repeatedly posting TikToks that use the same joke, over and over. Her video with Bella Thorne even plays into the same joke where she begins the video saying: “Fun fact, actually really really sad fact.”

Bella is also the ex-girlfriend of popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau. They dated for over a year but broke up in February 2019, and have thrown shade at each other over social media since.

Tana responded to the kiss by duetting the TikTok from her own account, adding: “People really pretend to be my friend,” and then commented “It’s a joke…kinda? Like?”

TikTokers and other influencers weighed in with their opinions too. Harry Jowsey commented: “What happened last time someone hung out with your ex?” referring to drama between the two and Francesca Farago in September.

Francesca and Tana were rumored to be dating, but they got into a fight after Tana posted a video with Harry, Francesca’s ex-boyfriend.

Another user got over 10,000 likes on one comment under Tana’s TikTok that said: “Teala hasn’t even done anything to me, yet she triggers me so much and idek why.”

Teala herself commented: “Girl what???” Despite claiming her response is a joke. But the pair appeared to have resolved any issues that may have come up after Teala tweeted: “Ummm I freaking love @tanamongeau everything’s fine y’all there’s no drama,” and Tana responded with love heart emojis.

That seemed like the end of the drama, but Teala has continued to rile up Tana after sharing another TikTok with Thorne, saying: “Fun fact, Bella is amazing kisser”, before pulling the former Disney star in for another smooch. She captioned the video: “Oops”.

In a TikTok duet, it didn’t take Tana long to respond to this bizarre turn of events. Saying that she’s “confused” and “doesn’t have the energy”, she gives Teala a few fun facts of her own.

She tells her that “the joke is over”, and seems confused by the continuation of their beef, while also criticising Teala for “texting and Tweeting” her that she doesn’t want “beef” while continuing to post things like this.

However, that doesn’t stop Mongeau for throwing a little shade at Teala, remarking that ex Thorne “never looked that uncomfy” to kiss her, agreeing with several fans in Teala’s original TikTok that Thorne looked awkward and uncomfortable.

With the drama between the two seemingly reignited, it is uncertain where this leaves Thorne’s and Teala’s budding romance.

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