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Why Teala Dunn’s viral swimming joke is making TikTok mad

Published: 15/Sep/2020 17:42

by Alice Hearing


TikTok fans have just about had it with ClubHouse member Teala Dunn, who is making it her mission to run one joke into the ground as far as it will go.

Teala is an actress, influencer, and a member of Daisy Keech’s Clubhouse BH creator collective since July. Teala has more than 2.7 million followers on TikTok and more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

But the star has come under fire in the last few weeks for repeatedly posting TikToks that use the same joke, over and over.

Teala Dunn Clubhouse Instagram
Instagram: Teala Dunn
Teala has gained more than 700k followers in the last month

It all began at the beginning of August when Teala posted a video saying “Fun fact, actually really really sad fact, I can’t swim, I literally don’t know how to swim, I got this big-ass pool and can’t swim.” Mid-way through the video she turns around in her bikini to directly face the pool behind her.

Immediately viewers took to the comments to accuse her of baiting fans into looking at her body. One user wrote “Do you feel better now? Did he text you after posting this?”, while another commenter said, “She had to turn all the way around to make sure the pool was still there.” The comment section was filled with people describing her as “embarrassing” and “obvious.”

@ttlytealaSomeone please teach me♬ original sound – ttlyteala

Teala took the criticism and ran with it. In mid-August she posted another video, turning around to see the pool like her previous video and said: “The pool actually is right there…like this video if you want to teach me how to swim, please.” TikTokers didn’t appreciate round 2 either with several commenting that she had “ruined the joke.”

Although not everyone was mad about it. One commenter on her latest video said “Am I the only person who still finds these funny?” Another person wrote: “It’s hilarious because y’all are so mad but she’s just vibing.”

Teala wasn’t deterred. She repeated the joke in countless videos thereafter claiming she doesn’t know how to grill, that her hot tub doesn’t work and that she can’t drive a Lamborghini.

@ttlytealawell♬ original sound – ttlyteala

In the following videos, she asked viewers to “like this video if you think the joke is getting old” and “like this video if you think I’m annoying as hell” and “Like if you think I should throw myself in the pool.” And it seems to be working, Tesla’s TikToks are consistently amassing millions of views per post, with the original video has reached more than 21,000.

On every video, some people are still trying to be heard, writing comments such as “Are you gonna stop anytime soon or what?” and “This joke died ten years ago.”

However, Teala’s TikTok account has grown by more than 700,000 in the last month. Perhaps the joke is on us.


Joe Rogan stunned by Matthew McConaughey’s insane weight loss story

Published: 23/Oct/2020 15:36

by Georgina Smith


Joe Rogan was left shocked after hearing the crazy lengths that hugely popular American actor Matthew McConaughey’s went to to lose 50 pounds for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

Joe Rogan has seen his fair share of top billed guests make his way into his podcast studios, both new and old. Some of his most well known guests include Elon Musk, Post Malone, and other famous faces across YouTube, business, Hollywood, and just about every conceivable entertainment sector.

He even recently set up a long anticipated episode with Kanye West, but their meeting was promptly cancelled along with several other episodes after one of the staff members revealed he needed to self-isolate.

However, fans of the podcast were treated to a huge celebrity from an entirely different industry in a prerecorded episode – actor Matthew McConaughey.

Poster image for the film Dallas Buyers Club
Truth Entertainment / Voltage Pictures
The 2013 was an enormous success, largely thanks to Matthew McConaughey’s highly regarded performance.

Matthew McConaughey on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Matthew has starred in films such as the Wolf of Wall Street, Contact, and of course 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club. He enacted AIDS patient Ron Woodroof’s heartbreaking story, and underwent an enormous physical transformation for the role.

As he shares with Joe Rogan, the actor lost over 50 pounds in the process of preparing for the challenging acting experience, dedicating himself to accurately portraying the story as true to life as possible.

“I weighed 135. And you know this, I was not torturing myself,” Matthew explained. “I was militant. The hardest part was making the damn choice. It was my responsibility.”

Topic begins at 1:19

With regard to the process of losing the weight, the actor said that he gave himself five months of a diet consisting of “tapioca pudding or whatever, three egg whites in the morning. Five ounces of fish couple vegetables for lunch, five ounces of fish couple vegetables for dinner.”

He said this is the diet that caused him to lose an insane 2.5 pounds a week, without any exercise. However, Joe was shocked to hear that Matthew was able to drink “as much wine as he wanted to drink,” joking “what kind of diet is this?”

“What I learned from it is that the body is more resilient than we give it credit for. The power I lost from the neck down equally or more sublimated to the neck up. My mental gain was so acute and so on point, that I was clinically smart.”

The incredible story was an insight into just how dedicated the beloved actor is to his roles, and certainly stunned Joe and the podcast viewers.