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Tana Mongeau hints at plans for adult video with Jake Paul

Published: 19/Oct/2019 23:02 Updated: 19/Oct/2019 23:12

by Virginia Glaze


After two months of publicly dating, YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot in a live streamed Las Vegas wedding: but that’s not the only part of their relationship they’re hoping to capitalize on, by far.

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Aside from their highly publicized marriage, the YouTube couple might even have plans for a potential adult film in the future, as told by the stars in a “Nighttime Routine” video on October 19.

According to Tana Mongeau, both she and her hubby have been toying with the idea of creating an actual s*x tape, bantering about the matter in a hilarious segment during their “Routine.”


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Jake Paul, InstagramJake Paul and Tana Mongeau are teasing fans with a potential adult film.

“Jake and I have really been debating on making a s*x tape lately,” Mongeau admitted.

“And putting it in [adult website]!” Jake chimed in.

“Yeah,” Tana continued. “We’re gonna make a s*x tape, and we’re gonna put it in [adult website].”

“And we’re gonna release it in five years.”

(Timestamp: 1:36 for mobile viewers)

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While the two may have merely been joking, this wouldn’t be the first time Mongeau has brought up the subject: in fact, she mentioned the possibility in a Tweet on October 16, after filming Jake Paul in the buff on her Instagram story.


Paul later Tweeted about the matter, causing Tana to respond with, “We’re so close to a s*x tape.”

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Again, these two social media celebs could merely be horsing around, as usual: but considering Mongeau’s nomination at a certain awards show, the potential release of such a film wouldn’t come as a massive surprise for the couple.

Mongeau’s comments on the subject follow brother-in-law Logan Paul’s humorous take on the inclusion of “Jana” in the Paul family. With ample speculation surrounding the legitimacy of her marriage to Jake, it looks like Logan has finally accepted Mongeau as a member of the Maverick family fold – and had a hilarious comparison for the development.


Tana Mongeau, InstagramTana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married in late July – and it looks like Logan Paul is finally accepting their union.

“Tana’s incredible,” Logan said of his sister-in-law. “She’s like a brother to me, but with boobs. She’s adjusting like a finely tuned guitar.”

For now, it looks like the YouTuber is continuing to create her usual, hilarious content – but she’s not above teasing her fans with a possible adult film.