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Logan Paul reveals true feelings on Tana Mongeau after Jake Paul marriage

Published: 18/Oct/2019 23:30 Updated: 18/Oct/2019 23:38

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau turned heads in late July, getting married after just two months of publicly dating – but not everyone was convinced that their marriage was the real deal.

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In fact, even Jake’s older brother, internet sensation Logan Paul, thought the deal was fake, claiming that Mongeau was merely using his little bro for “his money.”

However, it looks like the eldest Paul brother has changed his tune on the subject, as told in an interview with Business Insider on October 18.

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Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s wedding was met with ample speculation, with many critics accusing the YouTubers of creating a massive publicity stunt.

Despite public speculation, it looks like “Jana” could be the real deal after all, with Logan claiming that Mongeau is already like a member of the family.


“Tana’s incredible,” he said of his sister-in-law. “She’s like a brother to me, but with boobs. She’s adjusting like a finely tuned guitar.”

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul is adjusting to Tana Mongeau’s addition to his family ranks.
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Paul even reportedly got emotional about her marriage to his little bro, with Mongeau claiming that he’d teared up when she admitted their relationship was legit.

“Logan finally believed that Jana is real and that were actually getting married, and he literally started to cry,” she wrote in a Tweet ahead of her wedding.

Although Paul later brushed it off as a side effect of his pink eye, the YouTube star made a showing at Mongeau’s live streamed ceremony – and is now open to accepting the MTV starlet into the Paul family ranks.


While “Jana” might be real, the legality of their marriage is decidedly not, with Mongeau admitting that their wedding hadn’t been legally binding because it “takes away the love.”

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Jake made a similar statement during an episode of “The DownLow(d)” with ET Online, admitting that their marriage hadn’t been “on paper.”

“At the end of the day, yeah, it’s fun, and it was for content – but we still got married,” he revealed. “…I think it happened so fast. I don’t think being married on paper is the same as being married in general. I don’t think paper means you’re married.”


ET OnlineJake Paul admitted that he hadn’t gotten married to Tana “on paper” during an interview with ET Online.

Whatever the case may be, Logan Paul seems to be finally adjusting to Tana’s inclusion to the fold, in spite of his initial doubts.