Tana Mongeau alleges Austin McBroom paid her roommate $40k to keep cheating secret - Dexerto

Tana Mongeau alleges Austin McBroom paid her roommate $40k to keep cheating secret

Published: 28/Jun/2021 13:11

by Jacob Hale


Tana Mongeau has accused Austin McBroom of paying one of her friends $40,000 in hush money to keep quiet after he allegedly cheated on his wife, Catherine, with her.

Austin McBroom has become a divisive figure in the online influencer community, with the build-up to his fight with Bryce Hall at the YouTubers vs TikTokers event forcing many to pick a side.

McBroom obviously has a huge legion of fans, but his fair share of critics too, and much of the conversation in the lead-up to his fight centered around allegations of infidelity, having married Catherine way back in 2015.

Now, Tana is stirring the pot even more, accusing him of paying off at least one woman to keep their relations private from his wife and family.


Austin and Catherine McBroom

A number of top influencers have accused Austin of cheating on his wife, including Jake Paul, who also said that Catherine was in his DMs too.

Then, one “ashamed” TikToker also claimed that Austin had cheated with her in his secret Malibu home.

Now, in a response to a tweet from Austin, Tana asked: “Remember when you had one of your security guards drop off $40,000 in a bag to my roommate so they wouldn’t expose you cheating?” She then goaded him saying “You didn’t pay me though.”

The tweet comes in response to Austin searching for a female influencer who would like to “sleep” Tana in a boxing match, as he searches for a sequel to the Social Gloves event.


Social Gloves themselves are coming under fire for not paying their fighters after a reported 136k PPV buys — a huge way off of their 500k prediction.

Tana mocked this, saying that Triller “offers more money” for their Fight Club events, noting the lack of paychecks her friends had received from the event.

In an earlier tweet, she said that this is no surprise because McBroom “owns most of Social Gloves.” While Austin has never admitted this, Social Gloves is owned by Ace Hat Collection, Inc —  a company run by Austin McBroom — according to the USPTO.

So far, Austin hasn’t responded — and we’re not sure he will, either.