Tana Mongeau accidentally makes diss track about her go viral

Georgina Smith
Tana Mongeau sits facing the camera in a storytime video
YouTube: Tana Mongeau

Social media star Tana Mongeau unintentionally caused a diss track about her to go viral after she referred to it in a ‘storytime’ video, with eagle-eyed fans figuring  out that her ex-boyfriend is American rapper Mod Sun.

Tana Mongeau started making YouTube videos back in 2015 as a teenager, and gained popularity fast thanks to her wild and hilarious ‘storytime’ vlogs that saw her recount the most bizarre stories from her life.

The YouTuber has since gone on to secure a subscriber base of over 5.4 million, and has starred in her own reality TV show, made music videos, and became an influencer in her own right.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul kiss
Instagram: tanamongeau
YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot in summer 2019 – but it turns out that their marriage was merely a stunt, as confirmed by Paul in a 2020 interview with ET.

However, no matter how much new content she’s doing, one thing that her audience will always come back to see is her storytimes. Now, though, with her life out there in the public eye, and her acquaintances consisting of some rather famous people, it’s not hard for her audience to figure out exactly what the truth is.

On December 8, Tana posted a video to her YouTube channel entitled “I caught my best friend hooking up with my man.” In the video, she describes how her ex-boyfriend wrote a scathing song about her, and how she even accidentally showed up at the launch party for the song.

While she tried to keep it vague by using codenames, people managed to pick up some heavy hints from Tana’s description of the brutal lyrics. “Up until this point I have been fine with the music that has been made about me… Most of the people that have made music about me, it’s been a chill experience.”

“I’ve never had someone make such a hateful record about me,” she said. “And this whole song is just about how I deserve the worst, for like being the worst. And how I’m not over my ex.”

Topic starts at 6:33

Her fans pretty quickly caught on to some of the hints in Tana’s description, and after a bit of digging they found that the song was ‘Karma’ by American rapper Mod Sun, and began to post about it on social media.

The comment section of the song has now been flooded with comments from people mentioning Tana, and the video has secured over 800,000 views.

People definitely seem to be happy to see Tana’s storytime content back on her channel, but the fallout from this 30 minute video may be enough to fuel a whole new storytime in its entirety.