David Dobrik throws Jason Nash insane surprise 3am birthday party

David Purcell

YouTube star David Dobrik gave his pal Jason Nash the shock of his life after discovering an insane birthday party waiting for him downstairs, but he wasn’t exactly wide awake when he first heard the music blurring. 

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Dobrik uploaded a hilarious surprise video to his YouTube channel, which has over 12 million subscribers at the time of writing, showing everything that was going on behind the scenes to make sure that his friend woke up to the shock of his life. 

The video started with something very different, though, as the pair teamed up in a game of tennis, where they made easy work of their opponents Geoff Wittek and professional DJ Dillon Francis in a $10,000 wager match. 

David Dobrik, YouTubeDavid Dobrik first claimed that he was keeping 100% of the tennis match winnings, but Nash was in for another shock.
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After working successfully on the tennis court, Dobrik decided to set up a surprise birthday party for Nash, but he couldn’t have ever expected to wake up to the nightclub-style setup that had been put together downstairs. 

“Later that night we decided to throw Jason a surprise birthday party with the help of our new DJ friend Dillon Francis,” Dobrik explains in the video, before waking up his friend. 

“So, at 3am, while Jason was sleeping, we snuck into his home, brought all of Dillon’s equipment, set up lights, and hired 150 extras to come inside and complete the nightclub experience.” 

(Timestamped below at 1:18 for the start of the tennis match)

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Jason soon crawled out of his bed and was greeted by everybody downstairs, before being handed a bottle of Grey Goose vodka – even with his eyes barely open. He soon jumped right into the action as well, before bursting into tears while reading out what David had also given to him for his birthday. 

“Happy birthday old fart. Good job on your tennis match today, I took the winnings and opened…” he said, before pausing while reading Dobrik’s card. “I opened up an account for your kids’ college tuition,” the rest of the message stated. 

The whole group came together to sing along to ABBA’s Dancing Queen before the video came to a close, sealing what looked like an incredible – and emotional – surprise for the YouTuber. 

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