Sykkuno explains why he’s “scared” to go to TwitchCon 2022 after YouTube switch

Dylan Horetski

During a recent stream, Sykkuno revealed that he is “worried” about going to TwitchCon this year because he’s no longer partnered on the platform. 

Since rising in popularity with the Among Us boom beside Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, and Corpse Husband, Sykkuno has amassed over six million followers and subscribers across his platforms.

The former Twitch streamer announced his shock move to YouTube Gaming on May 2, 2022, meaning the Amazon-owned platform removed his partner status.

While playing Valorant, Sykkuno revealed that he is “worried” about going to TwitchCon this year because he’s no longer a partner and will have to wait in long lines.

Sykkuno worried about TwitchCon

During a May 9 stream, Sykkuno was talking to his community about waiting in line at AnimeCon when he changed the subject to TwitchCon. He also explained that he still is considering going to the event despite not streaming on the platform.

“I’m worried about TwitchCon guys because if you’re a partner you get to go into a special line,” He revealed. “You don’t have to wait. I don’t have that anymore, obviously. If I wanna go, I’m worried that I’ll have to wait a long time.

“If I have to spend three hours waiting, I’m probably not gonna go because that’s just boring. It might be worth it if you really wanna go but you’ll have to pretty much spend your whole day waiting.”

(Topic starts at 5:36:47 in the video)

Sykkuno isn’t the only one hesitant about attending TwitchCon this year. Mizkif explained back in February that he is “scared” to go to the event because he doesn’t want to be bombarded with fans.

“I don’t know, man. It just seems like Twitchcon North America is just not the move. Last time, I was with [xQc] and he was getting bombarded with people left and right. All the time he was getting bombarded with people,” he explained. “It was annoying. It wasn’t a fun time, it was just f**kin annoying.”

If you’re looking to attend TwitchCon 2022, check out the dates and how to buy tickets here.

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