Sweet Anita’s Tourette’s tic awakens the rap god inside her

Published: 22/Dec/2019 23:24

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Sweet Anita dropped some impromptu fire rhymes during a December 21 broadcast that ended up catching everyone, including herself, off guard.

After the streamer thanked a donor by the name of Michael Myers, not to be confused with the comedian or Halloween horror film antagonist of the same name, Anita whistled and let loose an impeccable rap.

“By the way if you didn’t know, I have a d*ck,” the Twitch star began. “I have a fat f**king c*ck. Wow. It weighs me down, makes me frown. Makes my sh*t extra brown.”

The fact the rhymes came seemingly out of nowhere made this extra special as Anita’s tics normally don’t flow together as well, but this one definitely had a bit of a story to it and dare we say, even some weight?

Anita is no stranger referencing body parts or claiming to have a male member with her tics, but to imply that she not only has one, but it’s so large it weighs her down is just hilarious, and such a bizarre idea that when combined with rhymes, it’s incredible.

Even the British streamer herself was impressed and couldn’t contain her hysterics as she was forced to laugh into her arm, barely able to contain herself. The aftermath of chuckles actually ended up lasting longer than the rap did.

Twitch/sweet_anitaDid this just jump start Anita’s rap career?

Anita dominated Twitch in 2019 and grew her channel to over 600,000 followers which is impressive considering she only started on the platform in April of 2018.

As 2020 fast approaches, it will be fun to see how she can further grow as a streamer and an entertainer who has used her Tourette’s to her advantage to help provide some joy to her viewers.


CallMeCarson trolls Jschlatt after bizarre drama on social media

Published: 2/Dec/2020 15:45

by Calum Patterson


After some attempts to ‘cancel’ YouTuber JSchlatt social media over a now-deleted Tweet, fellow YouTuber and friend CallMeCarson weighed in, with a tongue-in-cheek joke about the situation.

On December 1, Jschlatt tweeted “I’m rich and white. why the f**k do you think I’m on hood twitter LMAO.” Some took this as an implication that “hood twitter” referred to black people on Twitter, but Jschlatt was quick to shut this down.

When another user responded asking “so we are hood because we are black?”, Schlatt replied “you are reading too far into it.”

However, despite deleting the Tweet, screenshots began doing the rounds on Twitter, as some accused Schlatt of being racist, or making a racist joke.

“People need to start holding jschlatt accountable for the things he says and does,” one viral Tweet said. “I don’t care if he’s funny or it’s “just a character”, this sh*t is disrespectful and not funny.”

“He constantly & blatantly disrespects people because of “humor” and he gets away with it nearly every time,” the post continued. “This tweet is just gross and other things he has said noticeably are ignored by many people.”

Although Jschlatt hasn’t responded, CallMeCarson made light of the situation with a troll Twitlonger post.

Titled ‘My problems with Jschlatt’, Carson’s Twitlonger is simply a comical ‘copy pasta’ about a fake story at a grocery store.

CallMeCarson Twitlonger about JschlattThe totally not-serious post appeared to be a mockery of the drama around Jschlatt.

Other fans used it as an opportunity to dismiss the mock to “cancel” Jschlatt over his Tweet, with sarcastic replies about how terrible he is.

Jschlatt is a popular YouTuber, often making videos on Minecraft, Among Us and various other games, as well as general commentary videos.

In November, his Twitter account with over 1.2 million followers was verified, before soon after being inexplicably unverified. Meanwhile, CallMeCarson, with over 1.6 million followers, is still awaiting verification from Twitter – and loves to let them know about it.