SweeetTails makes the most of her Pringles® Can Hands challenge struggles

SweetTails Fall Guys

Even though the Pringles® Can Hands challenge kept her from taking a win at Fall Guys, Twitch streamer SweeetTails made the most of it.

#Ad The Pringles® Can Hands challenge started up on November 22 when Twitch streamer QTCinderella attempted a cooking stream while one hand was stuck in a Pringles can.

The challenge has caught on and become so popular that streamers have tried to do everything from Minecraft speedruns to Dark Souls runs with a Pringles can on their digits.

SweeetTails, known for her comedic Fall Guys streams, had to step up to the plate and see if she could beat the challenge.

So on December 15, SweeetTails took on the challenge, dramatically lowering the Pringles can onto her left hand.

Unfortunately, Fall Guys with only the mouse proved to be a bit more difficult than anticipated.

In her very first round of Fall Guys, SweeetTails realized that it was going to be difficult to navigate the first course: Lily Leapers Limbo. In the wacky obstacle course, she was forced to both run and jump to advance, so she resorted to using her forehead to hit the spacebar and jump from platform to platform as she moved the mouse.

“This is impossible,” SweeetTails laughed in-between failed attempts to leap from one bouncy lilypad to another.

Even though she got close, SweeetTails was proven right as she failed to qualify for the second course.

SweeetTails took the loss in stride, throwing in a dance break before her next course, Skyline Stumble, which she managed to qualify for. But SweeetTails revealed that, in fact, she had cut the end out of the Pringles can, giving her some ability to use her other hand.

“I’m not cheating,” she said sheepishly. “They never said anything about modifying.”

Fans of her stream and the Pringles® Can Hands challenge aren’t buying it.

Each streamer had moments throughout their streams to give their chats the chance to win free Pringles, and the giveaways are still live here from now till Jan. 12. Official rules can be found here (no purchase necessary)!