EazySpeezy speedruns Minecraft for 100 mins in epic Pringles® Can Hands challenge

EazySpeezy Minecraft

YouTube star streamer EazySpeezy took on the Pringles® Can Hands challenge by speedrunning Minecraft for 100 minutes straight.

The Pringles® Can Hands challenge started up on November 22 with QTCinderella, who announced she would be doing a cooking stream with one hand stuck in a Pringles can.

Since then, multiple top content creators have been taking on the challenge, from BrookeAB to LobosJr, all choosing different games to play.

As for EazySpeezy, well that’s easy, he was always going to choose Minecraft.

During a YouTube video on December 10, Eazy decided to take on another casual speedrun, this time in Mojang’s sandbox world.

He said: “I have 100 minutes to speedrun as many Minecraft speedruns as possible with… The Pringles can on my hand!”

It wasn’t long before he realized this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake, too. Eazy said: “There are still a couple of issues like for example when I have to press my actual mouse, I have to bring over the other hand to press the mouse.”

Speedrunning took on a different meaning during the broadcast, as the YouTuber humorously attempted to play with just the one hand.

The good news for viewers, however, was that those in the chat were given the chance to win free Pringles throughout the stream.

You can watch the full video here or below.

What is the Pringles Can Hands challenge?

Since the creation of Pringles, fans have long loved the iconic can with one constant thought – their hands get stuck in – and they talk about it, a lot. From letters to Pringles, social chatter and clever solutions, and even widely renowned comedy shows, whole corners of the internet have dedicated themselves to solving this unique snacking dilemma.

Instead of fixing its can, Pringles is fixing the perception — getting stuck with Pringles isn’t a problem at all, rather, something to celebrate as a “worth it” risk to reach every single irresistible crisp. To celebrate with the gaming community, Pringles has linked up with a number of top streamers to take on the Pringles Can Hands challenge, which tasks each of them to do what they do best, with a slight caveat… They must have their hands inside the Pringles can at all times!

So, whether you’re a cooking streamer or known for your FPS skills, you’re going to have to do it all with the Pringles can stuck around those hands.

Each streamer will also have moments throughout the stream to allow their chat to have a chance to win free Pringles. Official rules can be found here (no purchase necessary)!

If you are looking to tune into more Pringles Can Hands streams on Twitch, the full schedule and participants can be found here.

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