Streamers conquer the Pringles Can Hands challenge

Pringles CanPringles

Seven streamers took on the Pringles Can Hands challenge, proving that there isn’t a game that can’t be beat with a Pringles can stuck to your hand.

Ever since QTCinderella first undertook the Pringles Can Hand challenge, streamers have jumped onto the bandwagon to try their hand at this task.

QTCinderella pioneered the challenge during a cooking livestream, but it quickly spread to gaming streamers that wanted to see if they could conquer their favorite title one-handed.

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After weeks of streamers testing their mettle against every game from Call of Duty to Fall Guys to God of War, the Pringles Can Hands challenge has yet to meet a foe that didn’t put up a valiant fight.

QTCinderella TwitchQTCinderella, Twitch
QTCinderella kicked off the Pringles Can Hands challenge.

Pringles Can Hands challenge cannot stop gamers

Eight streamers – QTCinderella, SweeetTails, MissMikkaa, BrookeAB, LobosJr, Lululuvely, EazySpeezy, and Scump – took down the Pringles Hand Can challenge on different games, enjoying a fun snack with their gaming session.

Some were better than others, whilst BrookeAB and SweeetTails raged at the can whilst putting the fall in Fall Guys, QT made a whole cake and Lobos managed to get through one of the hardest games, Dark Souls!

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Overall the challenge didn’t stop the streamers from showing their gaming talent as there were plenty of triumphs once the players figured out how to navigate playing with one hand in a can.

Mikka notched up the difficulty on GoW: Ragnarok to “Give me God Of War” and somehow managed to successfully beat the first boss Thor! Meanwhile, Lululuvely managed to hold her own playing Overwatch 2, dominating lobbies all with the can firmly affixed to her hand!

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Eazyspeezy managed to impress by doing a Minecraft speedrun in under 100 minutes, all while having a Pringles can on one hand.

Scump managed to get not one, but two of the fabled nuke killstreaks whilst playing MW2, however on closer inspection it seems he hacked the challenge, cutting the bottom out of the can meaning he was able to dominate those lobbies as usual, still it’s the thought that counts right Pringles?

The Can Hands challenge has shown us not to fear reaching down to those last few Pringles. If we do get stuck we can all sleep soundly knowing we can still game!

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