Summit1g trolls Escape from Tarkov camper – "He just sh*t himself" - Dexerto

Summit1g trolls Escape from Tarkov camper – “He just sh*t himself”

Published: 18/Jan/2020 12:54

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar took time out of his Escape from Tarkov raid exit to troll a fellow player that he just happened to come across.

While plenty of summit’s four million followers tune in to his streams to watch him pull off high-level gameplay, others simply tune in for his entertaining and chill vibe. That entertainment can usually come from him messing up, making a funny comment about something in the game he’s playing, or getting back into his dastardly ways of trolling.

Summit has already pulled off some classic moments in recent weeks – mainly in Sea of Thieves, helping players to eliminate themselves and drawing some pretty crude images. Thankfully for his viewers, he’s managed to carry it over into the intense gameplay of Escape from Tarkov.


Image of characters fighting in Escape from Tarkov.
Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov became one of Twitch’s most played games while players could get free items.

During his January 16 broadcast, the popular variety streamer had been on a solo raid when he stumbled across what appeared to be some free loot. While he may have initially assumed it was a fallen foe’s body, it wasn’t – the enemy player was just lying prone on the grass and watching for others.

So, summit grabbed the stealthy opportunity with both hands, dropping to the floor himself and crawling right up behind them without making any sound. For a moment, he just lay there, waiting to see if the player would notice and react.

After a few moments though, summit took the chance to ruin the enemy player’s day – sliding out from behind them and popping a few bullets into their head.


As he realized how dastardly it was, the streamer burst out laughing before one member of his chat joked that the fallen player must have been given a shock. “He just sh*t himself for sure, one hundred percent,” summit said behind his laughing fit. “Hundred percent crapped himself.”

With a sneaky kill in his pocket, the streamer quickly moved to loot his fallen enemy – securing a pretty valuable key and some much-needed items as well.

He may never get so lucky with a kill while he continues playing Tarkov, but at the very least summit should be scouring the long grass a bit more in the future.