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Summit1g tries to give support to a trans Twitch viewer, fails spectacularly

Published: 29/Jan/2019 22:18 Updated: 30/Jan/2019 6:53

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Sea of Thieves, but also because of the streamer’s classic faux pas that provide for uniquely cringey moments.

The streamer was in the middle of another venture in Sea of Thieves when he read the story of one viewer’s recent embark to transitioning herself. But summit’s casual vernacular betrayed his approving intentions.


The viewer was looking for some support from summit, but in classic summit fashion, not all went without a hitch.

“Hey man, to each their own brother. Your life doesn’t affect my life. You can do whatever the hell you want to,” summit1g said. “Thanks for the fiver, my friend. Good luck to you sir.”


From his cadence, it’s pretty obvious that summit1g had the best intentions when he addressed the donation, but he also managed to incorrectly identify his viewer three times in one remark.

His Twitch Chat immediately corrected summit that he should have addressed the viewer as “ma’am,” which was met by a hilarious reaction from the streamer.


“Oh I said ‘sir?’ I apologize man,” Summit instantly corrected his new mistake. “I apologize, person. Listen Chat, okay, you know, my bad. It’s not like I’m doing this intentionally!”


Summit quickly diffused the situation and rid the moment of any confusion as he doubled down on his apology directly to the viewer while reaffirming his support.