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PewDiePie hilariously responds to Elon Musk’s meme review demand

Published: 29/Jan/2019 20:59 Updated: 29/Jan/2019 22:16

by Wyatt Donigan


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is no stranger to receiving random requests from various celebrities, but a demand from Elon Musk to host ‘Meme Review’ surely took the cake.

PewDiePie’s popular ‘Meme Review’ segment has seen its fair share of guests in the past, but none quite like Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.


When Musk posted a hilarious Tweet on January 27 demanding to host ‘Meme Review’ with PewDiePie, he quite literally set the internet aflame.


Unsurprisingly, the Tweet went viral and PewDiePie seemed to appreciate all the help and attention he could get in the midst of his battle with T-Series.

Bringing up the issue at the start of his January 29 video, PewDiePie looked to initially be confused about what sort of weapon Musk was wielding in the Tweet.


“Last night before I went to sleep, the absolute mad lad, Elon Musk, posted a Tweet,” PewDiePie said through fits of laughter. “Is that a gatling gun? What is that??”

(Timestamp of 0:52 for mobile viewers)


Regardless of what Musk was wielding, PewDiePie was nonetheless happy to receive the support and issued a new call to action for his 83 million subscribers on YouTube.


“See what I’m talking about? We’re not handing out posters anymore. We’re going to war,” declared PewDiePie. “We have Elon Musk on our side.”

While there’s no word on whether Musk will actually show up on ‘Meme Review” anytime soon, it certainly wouldn’t be outside the realm possibility given that PewDiePie managed to get Ben Shapiro on the show back in November.

PewDiePie could surely use the help, too, since T-Series is still steadily gaining on him, only trailing by just over 200,000 subscribers at the time of writing.