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Summit1g shares long list of reasons why PCs are superior to consoles

Published: 17/Jan/2020 12:15

by Kamil Malinowski


Twitch veteran Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar has revealed a strong list of reasons why he believes PCs are generally better than consoles.

Summit1g is one of the most experienced streamers out there, having broadcast gameplay since the very early days of Twitch.

As such, he had discussed a variety of topics with his viewers and one that undoubtedly kept coming up is the PC vs console debate. While it’s unlikely that either side will give way to the other, Summit1g shared his list of reasons why PC is superior, and it’s hard to disagree.

Summit1g Twitch Streamer
Twitch: summit1g
Summit1g is one of the most experienced Twitch streamers in the world.

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The American explained why PC’s are better during his usual Escape From Tarkov stream on January 17, citing quite a few reasons.

“The beauty about the PC is that you have everything right there at your fingertips. You wanna watch a little Netflix? Sure. You wanna catch up on your favorite YouTube? Sure. You wanna catch up on some live streams? Sure,” Summit said.

His list of reasons didn’t stop there, however, as he continued with even more PC benefits. “Wanna play more video games than your consoles are gonna offer you? F**king sure. You wanna play it more comfortably and more free, with higher frames and better graphics? F**k yeah.”


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As Summit states, there are a lot of benefits to playing on PC. Although, to be fair to consoles, with most of them it’s possible to watch streams, YouTube, and Netflix and it is pretty freeing to sit on your sofa or bed and play with the controller.

Regardless, the never-ending war between PCs and consoles will certainly go on and will probably be one that never ends as both sides are unwilling to yield to the other.