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Summit1g pulls off “greatest play of all time” in Sea of Thieves with help from a Megalodon

Published: 11/Jan/2019 14:53 Updated: 11/Jan/2019 14:57

by Ross Deason


Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar defied all logic during a recent Sea of Thieves stream, pulling off one of the most ridiculous plays we’ve seen in the game so far.

Summit has been putting a lot of stream time into the pirate adventure game in recent weeks, raiding rival crews and stocking up on loot even if it does result in some very unhappy opponents!

The 31-year-old has fought off stream snipers and a host of critics in recent weeks as he continues to terrorize the oceans, but even he was amazed when one heist on January 10 took a strange twist.

There’s always a surprise just around the corner in Sea of Thieves.

Summit and his crew were closing in an opponent ship when the steamer decided to fly even closer with the use of a cannon. What he didn’t expect, though, was to land on the back of a Megalodon and use it to reach the other ship after he overshot the initial jump!

“I went too far. They were turning into us,” he said before suddenly landing on the back of the massive creature. “Woah! I’m on the Meg! What the fu…”

The Twitch star couldn’t believe his luck as the Megalodon steered him and gave him the boost required to rectify his position, allowing him to grab hold of the opponent ship’s ladder and sneak on board!

“It drove me almost to be able to get onto the ladder. Dude, if I hit this fucking ladder… Oh my god, the greatest play of all time!” he exclaimed. “I landed on the Meg, the Meg drives me just far enough to fucking make it bro! And they don’t know I’m here.”

Unfortunately for summit, and luckily for his opponents, he was eventually discovered by the crew. However, there’s no denying the fact that his Magalodon ride was impressive.

One of the most powerful creatures in Sea of Thieves, the Megalodon is a giant shar-like creature that can attack players at any time. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you could try to use it as a taxi service like summit!


Travis Scott and PlayStation tease new PS5 “Cactus Jack” Nike Dunks

Published: 23/Oct/2020 20:53

by Theo Salaun


Travis Scott has revealed a new “TS5” teaser with PlayStation, which features a brief glimpse showcasing what appears to be a PS5 and Cactus Jack collaboration on a pair of Nike Dunk lows.

The 2020 king of collaborations, Scott, continues to up the ante. This time, he and Sony partnered to put together a teaser video, which is an obvious ode to the infamous Maxell “Blown Away Guy” advertisements from 1980.

In the social media commercial, Sony’s PlayStation headquarters are shown, followed by a few different employees who represent different aspects of the new console’s development (platform, design, and engineering). Afterward, Scott sits down, powers on a PS5, and is literally blown away.

Each employee is rocking some of Scott’s Cactus Jack merchandise, including one wearing a pair of his iconic Jordan 1 lows and one wearing a similar design, but on a pair of Nike Dunk lows. In the corner, a PS logo can be noticed by the sneaker’s heel.

It’s a short and sweet video, starting with some foreshadowing and teasing of the collaboration before finishing with a direct promotion for the PS5. An employee is seen wearing the PS5 Cactus Jack Dunks and then later, Scott himself appears to be wearing them as he kicks back and turns on the console.

In what might be obvious to those who have a keen eye for historic marketing content, the ending Scott portion of the clip is nearly a direct recreation of Maxell’s original ads from a couple decades ago. Those ads featured someone turning on one of the brand’s cassette tapes and experiencing the media quite physically. 

Similarly, Scott’s clothing, hair, and surrounding furniture are simultaneously hit with an unrelenting gust as soon as he powers on the PS5.

With the announcement from Sony that Scott has been enlisted as a “strategic creative partner,” it’s unclear exactly what the extent of this collaboration could mean. At the very least, fans can expect the two to work together on more projects.

One such project could be a pair of Cactus Jack sneakers, which would mean a three-way collab between Nike, Sony, and Scott’s own personal brand.

Twitter, @trvisXX
The outside of the Cactus Jack x PlayStation Nike Dunks.

Scott’s sneaker collaborations typically sell out very quickly and then dominate the resale market, where resellers net huge profits just by lucking out and being among the first to invest in his reworked designs.

This sneaker follows the original Jordan 1 design, with an inverted swoosh logo on the outside, but in a contrasting colorway. Similarly, it seems to feature a PS5 logo at the heel (as other Nike and PlayStation collaborations have). It’s unknown whether these will be made available to the public or if they will be a “friends and family” symbolic release.