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Summit1g makes opponent rage quit with epic Sea of Thieves heist

Published: 27/Dec/2018 10:28 Updated: 27/Dec/2018 10:43

by David Purcell


We’ve seen Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar steal Athena Chests before on Sea of Thieves by hiding on the ship of his opponents, but he went a step further with this incredible new heist tactic. 

Known for his stealthy steals on the action-adventure video game, Summit1g has been terrorizing teams on the pirate game for weeks. 

But now, with a different trap set for a team docking to sell all of their loot, the retired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive player has taken his ambushing skills to a whole other level. 

The streamer waited at an outpost for quite a while, with the suspicion that a team was on their way to sell some chests. And, he couldn’t have been more right. 


A team came storming towards the island Summit was waiting on and once he spotted them, he had one thing on his mind. Maybe he was too focused on the team, though,  slipping down a hole before approaching the crew. 

Not the most elegant of starts, but it gets better. 

After laying down for some time, scouting out their next move, Summit darted towards the team as they headed for the point where they can sell their chests. He fired one sniper shot, missed, and another pistol shot, missed! 

He continued to court the player holding the chest, running right past another teammate, fired him down and cashed in the loot to receive 9,207 of the game’s currency to complete yet another incredible heist. 


“Done baby. Woo! Let’s go! He just disconnected,” Summit said. “It fucking happened dude. I missed those first two shots and I was like no! If I didn’t hit that sniper no-scope bro… Oh!”

Summit realized that there might me some more chests on-board the sloop, after seeing flashes of the chests from a distance. 

And, to make matters worse for the crew, he stepped on board, killed the last member of the team and cashed in everything they probably worked hours to get – ruthless.