Summit1g defeats Sea of Thieves Skeleton Ship without firing a single shot

. 3 years ago
Summit1G/Microsoft Studios

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar is becoming well known for taking his already entertaining many other streamers have jumped on board with the game, but the long-time Twitch streamer remains at the top when it comes to the pirate adventure title.

During his January 27 stream of the game, Lazar encountered a Skeleton Ship – a ship full of AI Skeleton enemies that provides a difficult battle for even the best pirate squads in the game. However, the ship was no match for 1g and his impressive accuracy. 

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With his chat egging him on to battle the ship, Summit lined up his cannon, hopped inside and fired himself in the direction of the Skeleton Ship via a lofty trip through the skies. His ridiculous accuracy not only landed him on the ship but in the Crow’s Nest – a tiny piece of the vessel.

The ship vanished into thin air due to Summit landing in the Crow’s Nest. Once a player enters the space at the top of the mast, the game recognizes the Skeleton Ship as defeated and despawns – even if you haven’t been able to claim any kills or the valuable loot on board.

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Luckily for Summit, as the ship despawned, the loot simply dropped off the vessel and into the ocean, waiting to be claimed. 

The streamer may have been able to turn those chests into sweet, sweet gold coins in-game, they don’t help with his quest to conquer Twitch. The long-time streamer recently joked about running his own ads promoting his channel, but only on one rival’s stream – Dr DisRespect’s. 

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