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Subway employee who fell asleep on customer’s sandwich goes viral on TikTok again

Published: 15/Dec/2021 23:32 Updated: 15/Dec/2021 23:57

by Michael Gwilliam


A Subway sandwich artist who literally dozed off into a foot-long has gone viral again after the video was reuploaded with music.

Subway is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, specializing in sub-style sandwiches filled with cold cuts, vegetables, and all sorts of other toppings.

One topping you may be surprised to know they have, however, seems to be the napping head of an employee, as a customer filmed his sandwich artist fast asleep in his sub.


And of course, it ended up going viral when it was posted to TikTok… not once, but twice.

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@vindoughh##sleep ##subway ##food ##fyp♬ Go To Sleep (For Frustrated Parents) – Sarah Hester Ross

Subway employee sleeps in sandwich

In the clip, TikToker vindoughh added an amusing parody song “Go to Sleep” (for frustrated parents) as the worker casually drifts off with her hat and face slowly landing on the bread.

In a second video, which went viral with over 7.2M views, the employee is still face down in the sandwich, but wakes up to rap music and continues on with her job, casually adding some peppers as toppings.

Users were both disgusted and intrigued at the clip ,with some concerned about food safety and others about the health of the worker.


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@vindoughh##subway ##food ##fyp ##hungry ##foodtiktok♬ original sound – SHAKEYFUNNYAZZ

“Welcome to Subway, where all the employees are overworked and underpaid,” one wrote.

“I wish I saw more compassion in the comments. Yes, it’s inappropriate for an employee, clearly, but who knows what’s she’s going through?” another commented.

The original clip from 2020 was filmed at a Subway in Chicago, and received more than 12 million views.