TikTokers help “Joe Byron guy” after viral videos reveal homelessness

Dylan Horetski
joe byron tiktok guy bing bong
YouTube: Sidetalk/TIkTok

The man who yelled “Joe Byron” in the viral Coney Island “Bing Bong” videos on TikTok has received help from fans after videos revealed he was homeless. 

TikTok has been the home of many viral trends and sounds throughout the years, whether it be a special dance or a new song.

One of the latest viral trends involves a group of guys around Coney Island that go buy the name Sidetalknyc, whose voices have been heard around the world thanks to the short-form video app. The group has coined the phrases “bing bong,” “Joe Byron,” and “F**k your life.”

Shortly after their video went viral, fans uncovered that the “Joe Byron guy” was homeless, and they scrambled to figure out ways to help the man. One TikToker, zoeanneliece, found the man who goes by TJ and has orchestrated the efforts to help.

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TikTokers help Joe Byron guy after finding out he was homeless

Since the SideTalk videos have gone viral, fans of TJ have orchestrated efforts to help him get off the streets. TikToker ZoeAnnEliece created a GoFundMe for the man and helped him get into rehab so he could help his addiction to alcohol.

Shortly after they posted about his sobriety, they created a second TikTok account with the name “ejzoe_byron” solely focusing on TJ himself. On December 10, they uploaded a video showing TJ announcing that he recieved the keys to his new apartment.

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As that video recieved over one million views from fans of TJ eager to watch his “glow up,” Zoe and her partner have continued uploading videos.

On December 14, 2021, they took him to get a new suit in attempts to help him get a job to help prevent him from becoming homeless again.

At time of writing, the GoFundMe has raised over $36,000 from hundreds of people including rapper Bhad Bhabie who donated $2,000 towards the cause.

Its unknown when the money from the GoFundMe will be released to TJ, so we’ll have to keep an eye on their TikTok channel to see what he does once he recieves the cash.