Tekken 8 streamer is dominating ranked despite only using one button

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the game Tekken 8

Eddy Gordo, the Brazilian Capoeira master is one of the strongest characters in Tekken 8. One Twitch streamer has been dominating the ranked mode of Tekken 8 with Eddy Gordo by just using one button. As it happens, this has raised several eyebrows in the community.

Eddy Gordo was released in Tekken 8 as its first DLC character for Season 1. This unit received quite a few changes that have turned him into a menace. As it happens, a streamer named jimmashima took Eddy’s skills to the next level as he has been crushing the ranked ladder using just one button.

jimmashima set up a script where only the button “3” will be used which stands for Left Kick in Tekken 8. He also set up a UI to show he’s not cheating but simply pressing one button on their controller.

This one-button spamming Eddy Gordo is currently sitting at Warrior rank and has been comfortably defeating low-rank players. At one point, jimmashima had the highest number of views on Twitch in the Tekken 8 category as fans were curious to know how he pulled it off effortlessly.

Tekken 8 is a difficult game as historically this franchise has harbored an emphasis on legacy skills. If you have played this game for years, the mechanics would occur naturally to you. However, for a new player, especially a bot, that should not be the case.

Even then, this bot grabbing wins and climbing the ranked ladder is simply showcasing the lack of knowledge among new players. Such is the situation that competitors have been quitting games if they are matched against this Eddy Gordo bot.

Another streamer named 3ddySmurfy also tried out this bot and showcased similar results in ranked matchmaking. This leads to questions on how much players pay attention to what is happening and how much knowledge they gather.

Once a bot is scripted, it uses similar patterns in the fight as pressing just one button would only give you limited options. However, if you are losing against it, then labbing that move out is a much better choice than trying to brute force a win. This exact thought process was shared by a user on Reddit as well.

In any case, this Eddy Gordo bot is just a representation of the current state of Tekken 8. This title is exceptional, but it has its problems that need fixing. A massive patch is on its way that will look to balance out several pain points of the game. The developers also revealed a detailed roadmap for the rest of the year.

The community is divided between spreading negativity and positivity and irrespective of the direction you choose to align with, Tekken 8 is rising and it will continue doing so in the coming days.

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