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Streamer song mashup features Sweet_Anita, NymN, xQc, SodaPoppin, more

Published: 29/Oct/2019 21:48 Updated: 6/May/2020 10:43

by Alan Bernal


Talented YouTuber ‘Constera’ created an impressive song by mashing together various clips and soundbites from popular streamers Dr Disrespect, Summit1G, Asmongold and a whole lot more.

There are many streamers on Twitch and other sites that have a long history of memorable clips which are easily recognizable even among viewers who aren’t readily familiar with them. Those instances either include a hilarious blunder, a moment of rage, or some weird mixture of the two.

In either case, these clips are preserved on the internet annals, which Constera peruses and uses to create some of the most inventive song mixes with incredible effects.

Streamers remixed

His latest video is sure to strike a chord with various audiences seeing as it takes cues from some of the biggest streamers on Twitch.

But in creating the song, the artist didn’t ask for a collaborative verse or specially made sample from his guest performers.

Instead, he found random sounds from every streamer he features and inventively spliced them together to create a full medley filled with bizarre rifts, funny beat drops and more.

“Every sound that you hear in this song is made out of different samples from different steamers’ clips,” Constera said before highlighting an interview featuring Forsen, a Tourette’s tic from Sweet_Anita, Destiny playing the piano and more.

The song is both a treat to hear and watch, seeing as the YouTube video also gives viewers a look at where the strange sounds are coming from as they play along with the song.

Constera YouTubeThe mashup saw a few streamers shine as others provided the supporting beats.

Taking a look at his track from FL Studio, it’s filled with layers upon layers of different repeating sounds that beautifully come together for a harmonious beat.

Highlights in the track include Kitboga’s part that launches the song from the initial buildup, NymN’s “Oso poooo po to to” feature, and Dr Disrespect’s part which features a brief appearance from PewDiePie.

Since creating his channel in 2010, Constera has amassed about 20k subs. Popular videos on his channel can be found in his “Twitch Streamers Sing” playlist starring various streamers from Mizkif to Greekgodx and more.

Even though he’s a master memer, the content creator also a full-fledged EP but also enjoys creating the mashup songs along with his audience on Twitch.

It’s definitely worth a listen, and it’s even more fun to watch for viewers unfamiliar with some of the iconic moments in streaming.


Pokimane releases her own Fedmyster document to “put drama to rest”

Published: 30/Nov/2020 2:01

by Theo Salaun


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has conclusively responded to recent leaks about OfflineTV drama from Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan. In her own extensive document, the popular streamer shares her side of the story with texts and other sources.

The drama surrounding Fedmyster and the OTV house bubbled, then simmered, then boiled back up with a thorough document which was leaked, then shared by Fedmyster to give his side of the story. 

Fed, who has been accused of numerous improprieties, used texts and messages to provide evidence of his perspective and show some humanity. In the end, he tried to clarify for the public that the matter was resolved: “We both made mistakes and have owned up to them privately. I hope everyone reading will try to move on from all this as we certainly have already.”

But Poki immediately appeared perturbed by the leaked document, which included flirtatious messages between them as a means of demonstrating that Fed had been led on. In a brief Twitch stream, she noted Fed’s “manipulative” behavior and discomfort with private messages being leaked publicly.

Now, she’s gone a step further and shared her own doc to share her side of things and hopefully shut down any more need for gossip.

pokimane denies fedymster leaked document claims says sent admission guilt
Instagram: Fedmyster
Pokimane and Fedmyster’s relationship is a long, complicated one.

In an 11-page document, including pictures of messages between herself and Fedmyster, as well as with other people, Poki clarifies context and attempts to remove biases that she felt Fed had pushed.

While understandably uncomfortable with private conversations being leaked, the streamer indicates that she is compelled to share her side because of Fed’s document: “Looking back, I would’ve done a lot of things differently, and know for a fact that neither of us handled the situation perfectly. However, our private convos heavily lacked context, and I’m not okay with how they’re being misrepresented.”

In one such example of giving context, she explains how one of the more egregiously received examples of flirting was actually misconstrued to suggest that she wanted to be alone with Fed in a hotel room.

pokimane fedmyster hotel room leak
Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys
A screenshot of Poki’s doc shows how Fed’s leaks lacked context.

Unwilling to be abdicated of responsibility for the complicated relationship, Poki asserts that she regrets many of her messages and actions.

Similarly, she contends that Fed’s “feelings are valid and a good reminder to me that what one person thinks may be going on in a friendship, don’t always match up with the other person’s expectations.”

The document tackles every issue brought up in Fed’s document, including the two’s relationship as well as drama with Yvonne, OTV, and Jodi.

But, ultimately, these are private matters and the additional context simply proves that Fed’s account may have misled in that it failed to account for other perspectives.

Poki’s hopes are that this new context will finally help “put drama to rest.”