Streamer mortified after dog pees on his bed during live broadcast

Twitch: Breehzee /

A Twitch streamer was left mortified after his dog decided to take a golden shower during his live broadcast – right in the middle of his bed.

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Animals aren’t smart enough to know when their owner is broadcasting on the internet, so it comes as no surprise that they can ruin a livestream by just being, well, themselves.

Twitch streamer ‘Breehzee’ found this fact out the hard way during a Just Chatting broadcast on October 16, after a rather wet situation with his pet dog left him searing with embarrassment.

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Dog pees on streamer’s bed

The 17-year-old was broadcasting on Twitch from his bedroom when he turned around to look at his pet dog, who at first appeared to be tousling the blankets to create a comfortable spot to lay down in.

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Suddenly, the streamer yelled out “OH, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” before rushing up out of his seat and throwing his headphones off to grab his pet as it squatted down to unleash yellow hell all over his bedsheets.

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Unfortunately, it was too late – the damage had already been done. Breehzee lifted the dog up and patted his bed to double check, before he proclaimed “You little sh*t! You little sh*t!”

The Scottish streamer wasn’t too mad though, as he exclaimed “You little f*cker!” through stifled laughter as he carried his pet out of the room to presumably clean it up and to avoid any further accidents.

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According to his Twitch profile, Breehzee is a 17-year-old from Scotland, United Kingdom, and likes to stream first-person shooters and casual games such as Fortnite and Minecraft when he’s not in the Just Chatting section talking to his fans.

While he doesn’t have a set streaming schedule, the small-time broadcaster promises to stream “every second day” until he can get some planned dates set in the future – good for him.