Ethan Klein mocks Trisha Paytas with ridiculous “apology” video

Virginia Glaze
Trisha Paytas Instagram

YouTube star Trisha Paytas sparked outrage across the net after coming out as a transgender man in early October – but another internet celeb is taking the backlash to another level.

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H3H3’s Ethan Klein mocked Paytas’ announcement video during an episode of the “H3 Podcast” in wake of the outrage, calling her “crazy” and “f***ing insane.”

Paytas was obviously displeased with his comments on the subject, hitting back at the YouTuber by posting a slew of sensitive photos to Twitter shortly thereafter – and even a full-length video discussing the topic, claiming that Klein was “worse than Donald Trump.”

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With this drama in mind, Klein set out to finally “settle” their beef – but his “apology” was anything but genuine.

Rather than speaking from the heart, Klein continued his mockery of the divisive internet star, dressing up in a blonde wig and makeup and even sitting on his kitchen floor in a ridiculous imitation of Paytas’ signature videos.

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“I wanted to basically apologize to Trisha Paytas, who is such a sweet, genuine person,” Klein claimed, giving his voice a note of vocal fry to match Paytas’ own voice. “…I’m sorry for saying that you’re not trans, even though you have F cup jugs that are always on display.”

Ethan’s wife, Hila Klein, then wondered if Paytas would ever make an appearance on their podcast as a means of ending their feud – although it doesn’t look like this meeting will ever happen, with Trisha asking for “$18 million dollars” when prompted about the possibility on Twitter.

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Although Paytas has yet to respond to Klein’s fake “apology” video, the star claimed that she does have “regrets” about her announcement, admitting that she wasn’t pleased with how she handled the video in an interview with TMZ.

“I regret the way I explained myself,” Paytas revealed. “I don’t regret talking about it. …I’m not a spokesperson for the trasngender community, you know what I mean? I just know I’ve always been trasngender, so I just talked about it.”

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With Paytas and Klein having a history of beef, his “apology” marks the latest jab at the YouTuber, with fans and critics alike awaiting her reply to the drama.