EsfandTV in hysterics as The Office hijacks stream with perfect timing

Michael Gwilliam
Esfand and Michael Scott from The Office

Twitch streamer EsfandTV had his broadcast brilliantly interrupted in the best way possible by Michael Scott from The Office.

During an October 5 stream, the Twitch star started watching a new video by YouTube music sensation Albert ‘sleightlymusical’ Chang.

The video, titled “hey it’s been a while,” features Chang explaining what he’s been up to after his public breakup with Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki after being unfaithful to her.

At one point during the humorous video, Chang explains how he couldn’t get a dog because his landlord wouldn’t allow it, so he did the “next best thing” and got some yeast.

After discussing how he raised the yeast, gave it baths, and took it for walks, Chang jumped tone drastically and revealed how he could “eat him” and plunged a fork into the jar.

Hilariously, while Esfand was watching the video, at this exact moment, the streamer’s broadcast started playing the infamous Michael Scott “God no” voice line from The Office.

The sound clip is from the ninth episode of season five “Frame Toby” where Michael Scott’s most-hated coworker Toby returns to the show and starts angrily yelling “no” over and over.

The perfectly-timed voice line left Esfand in hysterics as he laughed so hard he found himself rolling back in his chair trying to catch his breath.

Even moments later, he was still at a loss from words and reeling from the well-timed Twitch alert as his hand covered his mouth in an effort to cleanse his case of the giggles.

Michael Scott before yelling no
This scene from The Office is very iconic.

Esfand’s chat was pretty impressed too, with many users spamming “timing” and “omegalul” – a sign that it was greatly received for those watching live.

It’s not every day that the timing on Twitch works out so great, but this was one instance that probably won’t be topped for some time.