Streamer instantly fails after making gameplay quality warning

Instagram: DumplingsLOL/From Software

Twitch streamer Dumplings perfectly timed her warning about the quality of gameplay she was able to pull off as she immediately found herself failing inside Dark Souls.

While many of the internet’s most popular streamers are actually pretty high-level in terms of their gaming skills, not everyone is going to be able to pull off an insane CS:GO ace like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek or a 150-meter PUBG sniper shot like Dr Disrespect.

Some are actually pretty open about not being the best gamers around, especially when they step outside their comfort zone and try their hand at something new. However, not everyone is like Dumplings, where she immediately came through on her warning about not being the best Dark Souls player that viewers would ever see.

Instagram: DumplingsLOLDumplings can usually be found playing League of Legends more than anything else.

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During her January 4 stream, the popular League of Legends streamer had been trying her hand at the infamously infuriating game when she decided to give her viewers a little heads up about what they could expect.

“If you’re new to the stream, I’m very very new [to this game], I only play League of Legends and Dead by Daylight, so don’t expect good gameplay,” she said.

Hilariously, though, as soon as she said “don’t expect good gameplay,” the streamer immediately kept her word and went walking off the side of a cliff. She saw the funny side of things though, as she immediately burst out into laughter. “That’s what I’m talking about!” Dumplings added. 

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Even though she fell to that all too familiar “you died” message from the game, the streamer got back on her horse and tried again – even though she had to go through the same enemies as she did prior to her hilarious fail.

Thankfully for her viewers, the mishap didn’t stop Dumplings from keeping on with Dark Souls play-through, as she carried on for around an hour before switching to LoL – something she admitted to being a little more her speed.