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Streamer forgets she’s live, admits “milking” broadcast for donations

Published: 18/Dec/2019 17:31 Updated: 18/Dec/2019 17:39

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer made an embarrassing mistake when she forgot to end her broadcast – then admitting to “milking” viewers for donations.

Donations are one of the main ways for streamers to make an income, alongside ad revenue and subscribers who pay upwards of $5 a month to support their favorite streamers.

In the history of Twitch, there have been some insane donation amounts. Although typically only $1 or $2, some have amounted to tens of thousands of dollars in the past, really showing just how much money can be made if you’re a top streamer.

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Regardless, you’ll rarely see streamers asking for donations or complaining when they don’t receive any – but Elleybooo definitely wasn’t impressed when she went an entire stream without any tips.


Mistakingly believing she’d ended her stream, she made a quick call, and asks if they want to play Call of Duty before talking about the stream she thought was now over.

“That was a boring f**king stream, I was trying to milk it because I wanted a donation but whatever,” she said. Asked if she ended up getting one, she simply looked dejected and said “No.”

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Elley goes on to repeat that the stream was “pretty boring,” though it’s not clear whether that’s because of the lack of donations or something else.

Meanwhile, other streamers are getting donations for all the wrong reasons – including this guy, who ate a tin of cat food in exchange for some money.


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While most broadcasters probably do hope to get donations from their viewers, and may feel slightly put out if they don’t get any, you’ll rarely see any content creator actually talking about it and expressing their disappointment.

Elley has now removed the VOD of the broadcast, and will surely be apologetic to fans upon her return for the slip-up, but has not yet publicly commented on the incident.