Twitch streamer reveals bizarre reason she avoids Just Chatting section


Twitch science streamer ‘1girl2beakers’ has revealed to her fans why she thinks viewers should avoid the broadcasting website’s “sketchy” Just Chatting category after her one and only visit took a rather weird turn!

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The Just Chatting category on Twitch can provide a great space for many popular personalities to unwind and casually engage with their chat without having to play a game. Conversely, it can also serve as a space for certain streamers trying to find their own niche on the platform.

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Known primarily for her IRL streams, 1girl2beakers is a second-year PhD student that often broadcasts directly from her research facility. Trying to find her footing on the platform, she detailed her early experiences on the Just Chatting section of Twitch.

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She discussed the many facets of Twitch during her October 6 livestream, amusingly mocking the Just Chatting section of the website and stating that the kind of people that frequent that category on the platform are “super weird.”

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One particularly disturbing experience led the streamer to the IRL category on Twitch after a creepy viewer took things too far. “I kid you not, a guy pretty much threatened to peel my skin back from my fingertips,” she described.

“I never went back into Just Chatting,” the streamer joked to her audience. “Just chatting…super sketchy. Don’t go to Just Chatting unless you want to be traumatized.”

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Later in her stream she got into the topic of other horrible experiences, and detailed a time that an old lady in a grocery store told her that it looked like “someone sprayed sh*t at me through a screen door,” due to her freckles.

“I just was like, so confused, like what is she talking about?” the streamer said through a lighthearted smile while recounting the story. “I didn’t even know I had freckles I was so young.” 

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While the Just Chatting section of Twitch can be an odd space, there’s no denying that it can occasionally bring about great experiences and heartwarming moments.

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One touching moment came recently as Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo described the time he met FaZe Clan’s Soleil ‘EwOk’ Wheeler.