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Twitch streamer has unique way of thanking her new followers

Published: 3/Oct/2019 21:23 Updated: 4/Oct/2019 13:31

by Virginia Glaze


Due to the ever-growing popularity of live streaming, more and more internet personalities are using platforms like Twitch and Mixer to broadcast their daily lives – but some of these streamers are more unique than others.

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Twitch offers a variety of content for viewers across the board, from IRL streams to competitive gaming, sleight of hand tricks, tarot readings, and more.

A popular category on the site is it’s “Just Chatting” section, which allows broadcasters a chance to relax and interact with their fanbase, as well as being a kind of “catch-all” for activities outside of Twitch’s list of categories.


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One such “Just Chatting” streamer goes by the tag “FoxenKin” – and she has an interesting way of welcoming new members into her fanbase.

While most streamers offer a simple shoutout or “thank you,” to new subscribers and followers, FoxenKin offers a rather “violent” activity in celebration of their addition to what she calls the “fox den.”

foxen_kin, InstagramTwitch streamer “FoxenKin” has an interesting way of welcoming new followers and subscribers to her channel.
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This celebration was recently demonstrated during an October 3 broadcast, when a new member subscribed to her channel while she was lounging with a beverage.

To honor her new subscriber, FoxenKin got up from her chair and delivered a sound kick to a punchbag sitting nearly out of frame of the camera, shouting, “Welcome to the fox den!”


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The streamer then revealed that she’s been training in kickboxing for two years, after which she received two more followers, going back to deliver two additional kicks to her heavy bag as a means to welcome the new viewers.

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FoxenKin’s “Just Chatting” streams are rife with athletic activities, from yoga to kickboxing work and more – which she’s obviously not afraid to incorporate into her fan interactions, as seen by her explosive welcome to new followers.

Twitch is a haven for all manner of unique content, but kickboxing isn’t in its usual repertoire of broadcasts – although many IRL streamers have caught a slew of unexpected moments during their time on the site, such as when one Korean streamer’s cat nearly set her house ablaze after turning on her infrared stove.


Needless to say, it’s always refreshing to find unique streams on Twitch, and it looks like FoxenKin is delivering big time.