Streamer claims Twitch banned him for false report of bathroom broadcast

Michael Gwilliam
AndyPyro at Gamescom

Twitch streamer ‘AndyPyro’ is accusing the platform of banning him over a false report of allegedly streaming in a washroom.

On June 26, the Finnish streamer was banned on for the second time on the site this month. The first time was allegedly for giving his camera to a viewer who “couldn’t keep the camera out of [his] beautiful buttocks” while drinking shots.

While Andy accepted his first ban admitted to taking his punishment “like a man,” this new suspension has left the streamer frustrated.

Taking to Twitter to protest his innocence, the streamer revealed he had been banned for a whopping fourteen days for allegedly recording in a public washroom.

Andy denies streaming in a public bathroom

According to Andy, it “never f**king happened” and he was banned over a false report.

“We went go-karting, and there’s locked doors for your f**king property that you leave before you go go-karting,” he explained while sitting inside of his car.

Speaking with Dexerto, Andy claimed he was in a lobby-like area before going karting, and not a public restroom.

AndyPyro poses for the camera
Andy says Twitch banned him over a “false report”

He added, however, that there were two different situations; one involving a private restroom in a town and another time in a locker room, though they don’t seem connected to this current ban.

“What the actual f**k? Fourteen days for a false report of being in a washroom or invasion,” he continued. “It was a public space, we had every permission to record there. Thank you.”

In a follow-up tweet, Andy wrote that he was “logging off” and wished his viewers a nice summer. “I [would] rather be not streaming than take stupid chances to be banned permanently just because some assholes wanna see other people [suffer].”

Andy believes he was falsely reported out of jealousy. “As I’m the biggest streamer in Finland, this is the country of jealousy,” he said. “If I make a mistake, people take advantage of it.”

Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy about streaming in bathrooms. Most notably, legendary streamer Dr Disrespect was banned after he streamed in a washroom at E3 2019.

It will be interesting to see if Twitch reevaluates its decision to ban AndyPyro for fourteen days, but so far, it’s looking like he will have to live with taking a fortnight off of streaming.