Trainwrecks accuses streamers of blackmail for money and Twitch hosts

. 2 years ago
trainwreckstv streaming on Twitch
Twitch: trainwreckstv

Popular streamer Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam has accused other streamers of blackmailing him for money and Twitch hosts.

Trainwrecks is a variety streamer that, as of late, has been playing a lot of Warzone, participating in Warzone Wednesday tournaments and NICKMERCS’ MFAM Gauntlets.

Despite doing well as a streamer and seeing more and more success, it appears that he is actually struggling with some severe issues behind the scene, posting a Tweetlong with accusations that he is being blackmailed by others on the platform.

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Instagram: tylerniknam
Trainwrecks has seen a lot of growth in his stream over the years.

Late on June 25, Trainwrecks tweeted that other streamers have been trying to blackmail him for a year and “are now blackmailing me for money, [Twitch] hosts, and a permanent spot on the [podcast].”

He later came back with an explanation in the form of a TwitLonger, detailing exactly what had been going on.

In the post, Trainwrecks explains that back in 2015 he had a group of friends that he would sit on Skype and play games with all night, adding that they would say “dumb, vile sh*t” to each other.

It turns out that one of them was actually recording all of the Skype calls, and they are now using the old recordings to “extort him for money, podcast position, and hosts.”

While one of the three people involved admitted that a previous video that had come out was manipulated and made to be taken out of context, Train says that the other two are still at it and have offered people anywhere between $5000-10,000 dollars to “lie or overexaggerate stories to fit narratives that my worst internet critics have created.”

trainwrecks tv claims he is being blackmailed
TwitLonger: Trainwreckstv
Train says that his blackmailers are offering others up to $10,000 to make up or exaggerate stories about him.

It’s not clear who the streamers are, but Trainwrecks claims that he has saved names and got receipts to prove what is occurring should the matter go further.

It’s possible that more will come out in due time, but in his TwitLonger he reiterates that he has actually received a call from one of them in an attempt to “drop it” – so we may never find out more.

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