Streamer claims she can’t get banned; receives swift ban for violation

A Twitch streamer who claimed she was able to show as much skin as she pleased without any repercussions was quickly proven wrong when the platform banned her channel for breaking its Terms of Service.

The streamer, named Wintrycelll, was playing Grand Theft Auto Online during her broadcast when she claimed that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos lets her break rules regarding what she shows on Twitch, stating she had done it multiple times without punishment from Twitch.

Unsurprisingly, when she put this theory to the test her channel was immediately taken down, proving that her outlandish claims were perhaps not as accurate as she believed them to be.

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UnsplashTwitch moved quickly to ban the woman, even though she claimed they wouldn’t.

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While playing GTA V, the streamer claimed that Jeff Bezos lets her reveal herself while streaming on the platform, before bragging that she could do it right there and then and she “would never lose [her] channel.”

While those she was playing with told her not to do that, Wintrycelll continued to talk, saying she had already done it for times in the past. As her fellow players continued to tell her to stop, she asked why, repeating that she had done it four times previously with no punishment, before a new voice in the game told her to do it, prompting the streamer to bare too much to the camera.

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You can view the clip of the interaction below, but we have edited the footage to remove the incident which took place at the end of the video.

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Unsurprisingly, Twitch moved quickly to quash her claims that she wouldn’t be banned from showing too much, removing her channel for the clear violation of their rules.

The streaming platform enforces its rules on this type of thing strictly, banning those who even accidentally reveal more than they intended, although often for shorter periods of time that those who flagrantly ignore their Terms of Service.

The streamer has yet to address her ban after making her claims that she wouldn’t be unbanned, and there’s no confirmation on the length of her ban. We’ll continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

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